This Week’s Articles on Damage Done By Educational DEformers

I am reposting this entire email from Bob Schaeffer. People should read these:


From : Bob Schaeffer

Another incredibly visible week for assessment reformers.  Lots of media coverage documenting the damage from high-stakes testing as well as better alternatives.  Here are some of the best editorials, stories, columns and blogs.

Putting the SAT in Its Place,0,2884825.story

Outdated SAT Needs to be Retired

California Reduces Role of Student Test Scores in School Ratings,0,6744403.story

Graduation Test Requirements: Inequitable, Punitive or Just Plain Dumb

More Cheating Scandals Inevitable: National Education Policy Built on Test Scores is Undermined

Outside of School Factors Dominate Test-Score Differences

New Teacher Evaluations Start to Hurt Students

Teacher of the Year Criticizes Focus on Test Scores

New Book — One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of Schools

Do Parents Really Want More than 200 State-Mandated Assessments for Their Children

Staking Too Much on One Test

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