Unreconstructed Caucasia Residents Writing in Fenty

Something I haven’t seen discussed.  Here are the DC BOEE results:

Carlos Allen 2042
Faith 1341
Omari Musa 659
Vincent C. Gray 90552
WRITE-IN 27874
Total 122,468 100.00%

Notice: about 23% of the electorate wrote in a candidate’s name. I am willing to bet that those were almost all for Adrian Fenty, and were almost all cast by white voters, particular those living in “Upper Caucasia”.

I am not alone in thinking this is a disturbing development: a fairly large fraction of the DC voting population, probably overwhelmingly white, apparently rejected the fact that Fenty was overwhelmingly trounced in the Democratic primary in September. And they chose to write in a candidate’s name, probably Adrian Fenty. I have read some of the incredibly racist and tea-party-sounding denunciations of Gray – with no evidence whatsoever to back them up – on comment boards for the WaPo and other places, and it it highly disturbing to me. They very much sound like the folks who accused Obama of being a Muslim, foreign-born socialist who was elected by nobody at all and who was going to take away their guns and Medicare and replace the latter with gummint-run socialized medicine.

All that being said, I am also disturbed that Vince Gray seems to be ingratiating himself in the educational field with the same group of billionaire busybodies who think they have the right to help destroy public education.

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