ISIS / ISIL /Daesh Atrocities

Lest we forget: the primary victims of Muslim extremism are other Muslims and groups in the Middle East that don’t go along with the ISIS craziness. The victims get killed and dumped into mass graves.

This article from the Associated Press gives a lot of details of these atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Who knew that this sort of sickness would be the end results of the CIA funding anti-Soviet, hardline Muslim extremists in Afghanistan 30-40 years ago, and the invasion of Iraq starting 13 years ago? Certainly not the American spokespeople who claimed that American troops would be welcomed in Iraq as liberators.

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An Interactive, Up-To-Date Map of World Conflicts

Remember when we used to see maps of what ISIS/ISIL/Daesh was up to in Syria and Iraq, every day? Or what the Russian and Ukrainian governments were up to?

Don’t think it’s over just because it’s not on the news. Those conflicts are still on-going.

I just found an online utility that shows what side is currently holding what territory, and what recent bombings or attacks or meetings or mass murders have taken place in the last day or so. It looks like it gets updated very frequently. I am sure that like eveybody else, whoever puts this out has a certain amount of biases, but it’s probably a more complete source of information on world conflicts than you are likely to find in any other news outlet I can think of.

The link is here.

With it you can select your preferred area of interest. Here is a screen shot from today (4/23/2016), focused on Syria and Iraq. You really do need the legend to figure out what is going on, since the conflicts are very complicated affairs that I am glad I am not living close to. Let me know if clicking on the image below enlargse it, and feel free to follow the link above.

middle east conflicts

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