Suggestions on what to do about the Supreme Court nominee, redux

Remember the list of suggestions by Bill Svelmoe for what to do about Amy Coney Barrett’s illegitimate nomination to the US Supreme Court?

The list went viral, as you may be able to read below.

I hope that Harris and other senators are taking those suggestions seriously.

The Inequitable Texas School Funding System Is Declared Unconstitutional

This has the potential to be big. A District Court judge has ruled that the system that the state of Texas is using to finance its school system is systematically inequitable and unconstitutional.

From what I’ve heard from Texans at the Network for Public Education meeting this past vernal equinox, Texas for years had a system where kids in poor working-class and/or Latino or Black towns or neighborhoods had much less spent on their education, so much that the school facilities and so on were markedly — even shockingly — different from the facilities and so on in more wealthy towns and regions.

The link to the decision is here.

I would assume that the current governor Rick Perry (whose gifts to comedians just keep on coming) and the rest of his administration will appeal to the state supreme court, and if they lose again there, they will probably go all the way to the US supreme court.

And with our current band of judges, who think that corporations are people and should have the right to buy as much ‘speech’ as they want, wherever they want, in all the elections, well, the 1/10 of 1% have apparently got the best solid 5-4 majority that money can buy. They may very well rule that it’s perfectly OK for a ‘public’ school system to spend three times as much on kids who live in wealthy school districts as they do on others, as long as [insert legalistic gobbledygook here].

The decision is in a pdf format that I can’t seem to copy as text, only as images, so here is the main conclusion for you to peruse, as pictures. Enjoy.

texas school financing unconstitutional

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