Some Worthwhile Causes

A few worthwhile causes that you might want to consider:

(1) Protest the threats of the Wisconsin governor to call out the National Guard to deal with any labor unrest among public employees in his state (teachers, nurses, firefighters, office workers, and so on)

(2) Lose fat while helping the hungry. Do interesting ‘intervals’ exercises with a group, and donate protein-rich foods to a Washington DC charity. Details here:

(Yeah, that’s my son. My wife and I am quite proud of him! Unlike most ‘personal trainers’ and nutritionists, he has actually looked at data and studies; and he has concluded that the standard dogma on nutrition, health, and exercise has no scientific justification at all. Since he abandoned veganism and vegetarianism a few years ago, he’s gotten much healthier himself, and I’ve learned a lot from him.)

(3) Take a look at many of the local DC outrages publicized by Pete Tucker, including the DCPS’ ridiculous canning of principal Patrick Pope (one of the few really smart, effective and competent principals DCPS has ever had, in my experience and opinion):


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